Team and Roster Eligibility

  • Only teams registered for the Spring 2019 season in either McKinney Baseball Association (MBA), Plano Sports Authority (PSA), Frisco Baseball & Softball Association (FBSA), Allen Sports Association (ASA), or Prosper Baseball & Softball Association (FBSA) may participate.
  • Teams must play in the assigned division for their MBA, PSA, FBSA, ASA, or FBSA division (i.e. no "playing down" trophy-hunting)
  • No guest players are allowed!  
  • Space is limited and intended to achieve equal registration counts in each division, from each city.  First come, first served.  Your registration may be cancelled and refunded if league participation numbers do not match for your division.
  • Note for MBA Teams:  This tournament does not impact your players' statuses as "select" players.

Compete for Your City in this Unique Format

  • Two Pool Play games determine seeding within each city and age division.  Even though we call these games "pool play", your team is actually being compared to other teams from your city to determine which teams will represent the cities in bracket play.  
  • The top seeds from each city will meet in Bracket Play, and medals will be awarded for 1st and 2nd place within each division. 
  • The lower-seeded teams will compete against similarly seeded teams during Consolation Play. 
  • The results of each game throughout the tournament will count toward determining the champion league.
  • The city with the most points will win the Collin County Classic! 
  • Wear your regular MBA, PSA, FBSA, ASA, and PBSA uniforms and team names.

Gameplay (NOT your league's rules)

  • Baseball will play under USSSA Gameplay Rules, except as listed on this site.
  • Game balls will be provided at each field
  • Home team for each game is already defined in TourneyMachine Note:  In Bracket Play, the higher seed (i.e. the lower number) will be the home team.
  • 5 runs max per inning in Coach Pitch-12u, and 7 runs max per inning for 13-14u
  • Mercy rule applies to all games: Coach Pitch-12u:  11 after 4 innings, 6 after 5 innings;  13-14u:  15 after 3 innings, 12 after 4 innings, 10 after 5 innings, 8 after 6 innings.  
  • No pitch count or pitching innings will be tracked (please be smart)
  • The game's final score will be the score when the umpire determines the game is over.  For example, if in a 9u game the visiting is up 5-4 after 3 innings, and they score 5 runs in the top of the 4th, and then time expires before the home team completes their at-bat in the 4th inning, the final score is 10-4 because the home team can't catch up due to the 5-runs per inning maximum.
  • All teams should be ready to start playing 15 minutes prior to their scheduled start time so that games can start at the time scheduled (no extra warm-up period).

Time Limits for Pool Play

  • 1 hour 15 minutes (Coach Pitch - 10u)
  • 1 hour 30 minutes (11-12u)
  • ... or 6 innings whichever comes first
  • 1 hour 45 minutes (13-14u)  or 7 innings whichever comes first 
  • Tie games are possible

Time Limits for Consolation Play (Sunday)

  • 1 hour 15 minutes (Coach Pitch)
  • 1 hour 30 minutes (9-10u)
  • 1 hour 45 minutes (11-12u) 
  • ... or 6 innings whichever comes first
  • 1 hour 45 minutes (13-14u) or 7 innings whichever comes first
  • Tie games are possible

Time Limits for Bracket Play (Sunday)

  • 1 hour 15 minutes (Coach Pitch)
  • 1 hour 30 minutes (9-10u)
  • 1 hour 45 minutes (11-12u) 
  • ... or 6 innings whichever comes first
  • 1 hour 45 minutes (13-14u) or 7 innings whichever comes first
  • Extra innings (in Bracket Play only):  if the score is tied after time expires, follow the following tie breaker rules:
  • The new inning shall begin with the last player to have an official at-bat in the previous inning on 2nd base to start the new inning with no outs, balls, or strikes.  Repeat this scenario when the home team bats.  The game shall be played until conclusion of a winner.


  • After pool play, each city's top seeds will be determined separately by tiebreaker rules, beginning with 2-0 teams, then 1-0-1 teams, 1-1 teams, 0-1-1 teams, and finally 0-2 teams
  • Seeding Tie breaker:  Head-to-Head (if applicable), Run Differential, Runs For, and then Runs Against
  • Forfeits:  The forfeiting team will reflect a loss and the benefiting team will reflect a win, but no score will be entered. The average runs scored and allowed will only be taken from the pool game(s) that were actually played.
  • The highest seeds for each city will be matched up against each other in bracket play.
  • Teams not earning high enough seeds for bracket play will play 1 additional game in Consolation Play against a team from the opposing city. 
  • Consolation Play match-ups may not follow seeding exactly.

Scoring System

  • Pool Play (Thursday - Saturday).  Score 1 point for your city for each win during pool play (tie games are possible , 1 point for each team)
  • Consolation Play (Sunday for teams that don't make Bracket Play).  Score 2 points for your city for each win during consolation play (tie games are possible, 2 points for each team)
  • Bracket Play (Sunday for each city's top seeds).  Score 2 points for your city for each win during bracket play (no tie games).  Teams with a bye also earn 2 points for their city for the bye game.
  • Bracket Winner.  Score 3 bonus points for your city by winning the championship game of the bracket.

Important Reminder

  • Remember that the Collin County Classic is not your typical tournament.  Yes, the teams are competing for 1st place in their division; however, the main focus is to represent and earn points for your city in a city vs. city competition.  Pool play is used to qualify the teams who will represent their city in Bracket play against the other cities.  Even if your team doesn't make it to Bracket play, there is a Consolation game that still counts toward the city rankings!